Friday, October 15, 2010

First Ever Writer's Conference!

A week from now, I will be attending my first writer's conference! YAY!

I have three one-on-one appointments scheduled with agents to discuss my current project: THE EDUCATION OF THIA

click here to read a description and the first chapter

Have you attended a writer's conference? What was the most helpful part of the conference? Any advice for the new girl?


  1. I attended one last April - it was so awesome. I'm hooked. Make sure you're ready to take plenty of notes and don't hesitate to ask questions. I really wish I could go to another, but I'll have to wait until after we've moved out of Hawaii. They canceled the one here and I can't afford to fly somewhere PLUS pay for a conference. Have a great time though!!

  2. I went to a great one last year. Best advice-- meet people! Sit at a table full of people you don't know and talk. The biggest benefit of conferences for me is all the networking. So don't be shy, and have fun!

  3. I completely agree with Shallee.

    You should become the yappiest lady on the planet, the first one with your hand out in a group telling everyone your name, and have the biggest, friendliest smile on your face all day long.

    Everyone is nervous, everyone is excited, and everything is awesome at a conference.

    Have fun!

    Christi Corbett

  4. Margo,
    I left an award for you over on my blog :)

  5. I'm a veteran of numerous writer's conferences, and the best advice echoes what others have said--just be confident and talk to everybody. Talk in line, talk at meals, talk in the bathroom to anybody and everyone. You never know who you might meet!