Thursday, October 14, 2010

Money Making Opportunities

Another job offer just came my way. I should be excited. Right?


Because the only job offer I want is from an agent and a publisher. I want to be a traditionally published author. I don't need a six-figure offer. I'd be happy with a much smaller advance enabling me to do what I really want to do: write.

But, I was just offered a job that has huge money making potential. Working full-time (maybe more). If I accepted it, I would need to quit my other fourteen-gazillion part-time jobs and it would cut into my mom-time with my teenagers.

And it would cut into my writing time.

Yesterday, I received another rejection on a full manuscript. She said she just didn't love it as much as she hoped she would.

Do you work full-time? When do you find time to write? Do you have kids, work full-time, and write? How do you balance it?


  1. I have four teen girls and work on the farm with my husband, which means I'm on call 24/7. I may be outside all day working with the cattle, running errands or for parts when he's in the field, etc. Or, I may have the day to myself if he's at his beloved auctions. Strangely enough, I find myself typing on my Neo at my kids' volleyball and soccer games. (I hate to sit and DO nothing.) At home, there is always something else to do that seems more important than my writing. I need to start putting writing in my 'career' slot in my brain.

  2. Sorry about the rejection, Margo. I had an agent tell me she wasn't "passionate" about mine so she rejected it. Sheesh! Seems impossible to win sometimes, doesn't it??
    I work part time for an airline, have a preschooler and kindergartner and a 1 year old labradoodle. Any free time I have to write is in the wee hours of the morning. It's tough, but the lack of free time to write makes me want it even more. In a weird way, being busy is my muse.

  3. I work full time for an attorney. They know that I write. I get up an extra two hours before work and write. During lunch , I either brainstorm or write long hand into a notebook. I spend weekends, writing, recharging my Muse, catching up on articles that I missed during the week plus regular mundane household dutiesand socialize. Nice part about working for the attorneys is that they (kind of) get my schedule. Our majority partner recently commented to me that I had volunteered myself to a great deal of work in choosing to write. I told him it chose me. He accepted that.