Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Invest your time in people...??

Hey - blog silence the last several days. I was out of town, enjoying a fantastic retreat in McCall, Idaho.

I'm an observer of human nature (as previously mentioned). So, of course, all weekend I observed people's body language, word choice, and actions. I often wonder what makes people tick, but I also wonder what makes one person generous and another selfish.

Between these thoughts and thoughts about taking my mother in tomorrow for her bone marrow biopsy, are more thoughts (ha). I am pondering the people in my life. Here are the questions I'm asking:

1. Who are the people in my life that I'd miss and I'd be sad if they died tomorrow?
2. Who are the people that I give the most time/energy to in my life?
3. Does the second list match the first list?

So, today (as soon as I'm done with this post) I'm going to:
1. Make a list of the most important people in my life. (for example: Rachel Thompson)
2. Think of something kind I can do for each person. (for example: take Rachel a jar of salsa, maybe with a bag of tortilla chips)
3. Post this list in a visible place so that I can remember to acknowledge these people in my life.

Recently I heard a speaker comment, "Being grateful but not saying thanks is like wrapping a Christmas present but never giving it."  We need to let the important people in our lives know how we feel about them.

**stepping off soap box now**

Who is someone important in your life? What act of kindness can you do for them today?


  1. Awesome reminder! SO true. It means so much, not to mention, it makes you feel good too. :)

  2. "Being grateful but not saying thanks is like wrapping a Christmas present but never giving it." I LOVE that! Soapbox or not, this is a wonderful and oh-so-true post. :-)

  3. Margo,
    Glad you had a nice getaway...you deserve it!

    Hmmmm, in my writing life I'd have to say I'm grateful to you (for your awesome critiques) and how I can let you know that is to get going and send you some more pages! :)

    Christi Corbett

  4. I love posts that make me think. Thank you for this. I love gestures. I'm off to think about this one.

  5. Thank for the comments! You guys are awesome!