Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog Awards - Part 2

Someone should give me a "slow" award. :) Yesterday, I finished going through back blog posts and comments and found awards given awhile ago (sorry - I really didn't know what I was supposed to do with them!). EEEK!

First - thanks for the awards people! I've posted them on the side bar with acknowledgements and links to the award-giving-bloggers. YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Second - after spending the day yesterday blog-hopping... I have found more GREAT bloggers! YAY! So, I am passing on the awards. See the lists below, and be sure to check out their sites. I did not pick them randomly. :) I picked blogs that had worthwhile, helpful, and funny posts.

Sidenote: during my blog hopping, I read many posts from people who aren't feeling well (physically and/or emotionally) - so if you're an award winner here - I encourage you to pass the awards along. We can all use a little good cheer!

Third - Keep it up people - we're here to help each other! (Right?)

So, fourth - a drum roll please................

The "From Me To You!" Award received from Laura Kaponer, and the "rules" of this award say that you must list seven truths about yourself and pass it on to seven other people. (So, suffer through my list or skip ahead to the awesome blog post list!!)

1. I eat too much (well, not too much of the fruits and vegetables, just too much of the yummy stuff like chocolate, cake, cookies, bread, etc.)
2. I sew quilts.
3. I sell Bernina Sewing Machines.
4. I have three teenagers, two of which are sixteen-years-old, but they are not twins.
5. My dogs shed a LOT of hair, and since we have hardwood floors - we have to vacuum daily. Blech.
6. I love to read.
7. I love to write. (ha - betcha couldn't have guessed that one!)

Seven winners of this award:
1. Shallee McArthur Awesome post about writing romantic scenes!
2. Patricia Timms A post that reminds me why I will not venture out to the stores on Black Friday.
3. T.C. McKee My brother from another mother (if we were boys).
4. Chris Phillips Uh... he had me at "...I'd promptly punch you in the forehead to rattle your tiny brain back into place." Yes, that's right; I'm an advocate of violence... but only when it concerns tiny brains.
5. Elaine AM Smith Great post about whether or not to repeat. Yes, a wonderful commentary considering the benefits of reiterating a point for emphasis. :)
6. Lynda R. Young Six tips for writing YA - finding the joy of youth.
7. Regina Linton Where do you go to relieve stress?

Now... I *thought* this next award would be harder to give away, because the rules state I must give it to TWELVE bloggers, however, once I got started, I found it hard to stop at just twelve. There are so many great blogs out there. Holy Moly! I hope you have as much fun as I did visiting all of these blogs! Check them out!

The "Sunshine Award" was given to me by Chantal. And the twelve wonderful blogs I'm passing it on to are:

1. Christi Corbett
2. Elizabeth Mueller
3. Jo Schaffer
4. Ishta Mercurio
5. Jennifer Daiker
6. Pam Torres
7. Kathi Oram Peterson
8. Len Lambert
9. Misah Gericke
10. Shannon O'Donnell
12. Michelle Mclean

Finally, thanks for stopping by - hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Margo,
    Thanks so much for the award!

    Just what I needed after a looooooong week of family visiting (love the family, but the hectic change of schedule is hard. Plus, we had super sick kids at the same time)

    Either way, I finally got back to the WIP last night, with great results :).


  2. awww thanks so much! You put a smile on my face for the rest of the day :D

  3. Awwww thanks so much Margo! :) Really appreciate the award! :)

  4. Thank you so much! You have made my day today!!! I agree, Black Friday is a crazy day. But luckily I have a group of crazy mom's with me so we cancel out some of the craziness, ha!

    I'm dying to now about your two sixteen-year-olds. Are they Irish twins?

    Have a great day!!!

  5. Grats on your awards...and thank you so much for passing one on to me. It's a great honour :)

  6. Margo. *HUGS*

    You are so sweet for thinking of me. Thank you!!!

    Congratulations to those who caught your eye, too!

    ~Elizabeth :)

  7. Hello Margo! Congrats on your lovely awards! And thanks so much for passing one to me! I'm very chuffed. ;)

  8. Gosh! I'm so not worthy! Thanks so much for the award. It's my very first! Sa-weet!

  9. YAY! Thanks for stopping by and commenting everyone. You are ALL appreciated! :)