Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog Awards...

I'm exploring the blog-o-sphere (is that a word?) and realizing I don't understand the whole "Blog Award" thing... I know... silly me. Could someone explain it to me? Please (without calling me dumb).

I *think* I get it.
1. Someone nice gives me an award on their blog.
2. I say thank you and copy the picture of the award (yes/no?).
3. I post the picture of the award on my blog (yes/no?).
4. I can give that award away to someone else (yes/no?).

Thanks for your help.

If I've got it right, then I get to give the following award away:
The Versatile Blogger

And, if I understand the award correctly, I get to give it to five people, WITH THE STIPULATION that they must list five things about themselves in the comments section (ah... tricky!).

And the winners are:

1. Alison Miller (Awesome Got Balls Post)

2. Melissa Dean (Even though she's a NaNoWriMo success story, and I'm not)

3.  Claire Dawn (Because it's simply cool that she's from Barbados and lives in Japan)

4. EJ Wesley (His blog title makes me think he's a serial killer, but his profile picture makes me think he's scholarly... wait... don't many serial killers have high I.Q.'s? Uh Oh... maybe I should delete this now?)

5. Margo Berendsen (duh... she has the same first name as me!!)

Thanks people... (please explain the award system). And, tell us five things about yourself while you're at it!

My five things:
1. Love Chocolate
2. Love Listening to Teenagers
3. Love My Husband
4. Love Writing
5. Love Solitude

Your turn...


  1. Thanks for the award.

    I guess it would be cheating to list either Japan or Barbados, huh? lol

    1. I love tv
    2. I dabble in 5 languages
    3. I love pink
    4. I love travelling
    5. I love Jack Daniel's steak :)

  2. Congrats. And thanks for explaining the whole awards thing. I didn't really know how that worked either.

  3. Margo, congrats on the award and congrats to those who've turned your head! <3

    ~Elizabeth :)

  4. Congrats on your award. Yep, you got it right. There is no absolute rule to pass on the award, but it's nice to share the joy.

  5. Congrats and thanks! I liked my post too so I think I'll add that to my five things...

    1) love my family!
    2) love writing!
    3) love tap dancing!
    4) I love watching soccer and football
    5) and apparently I "got balls" (not literally - hee!)

  6. Wait. You LOVE listening teenagers? As in evesdropping, or as in counseling their emo dump lives? Cuz we're thinking there aren't enough book royalties in the world you could pay us to do the latter.

  7. thelisas... HAHAHA... I really like you!! :)


    I especially love listening in when they don't know I am... because that's when you get a true glimpse of they way they interact, their speech, and their ideas.

    "Counseling" them is way harder... but these kids need *someone* to LISTEN. Sometimes, that's all they need. I work with 16-18 year-old-girls at church, and they all want to feel like someone cares about them.

    ...Actually... don't we all?

    Uh oh... my *nice* is showing... let me go back to sarcastic. I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression of me.

  8. WOW Thanks Buddy!!!

    1. Love my hubbs and my doggies
    2. Love my Fourth Graders
    3. Love writing steamy scenes
    4. Love movies and all things entertainment
    5. Love my critique partners!!!! (YAY, Margo!)