Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NoCoWriMo - umm hmm

Okay... so I have a problem with conformity. Always have. Sometimes it's gotten me into trouble (okay, maybe a lot of times...), but none-the-less here I am XX years into my life and I still have trouble doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

And everyone is writing this month: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Even the teenagers (and teachers) at my daughter's high school are writing. They've even formed a club... with t-shirts, prizes, and weekly meetings. My daughter has written more words than I have. Maybe if I had a t-shirt motivating me.. or a finger puppet... *insert head shudder here*

So, what have I accomplished in the writerly world this month... THIS of all months? Well, I have typed a lot of descriptions for eBay postings. I wrote and delivered a presentation on gratitude. I came up with several new plot ideas and even fleshed them out a bit.

But, I did not write one single word toward a new novel. Nope. I tried. Several times. But my non-conformist-bones-in-my-body screamed, "NO!"

I want to write. Don't get me wrong. Every cell of my body wants to write. I write during my dreams at night. I write in my mind while reading an awesome book. I write while taking a shower. But, everytime I sit down during NaNoWriMo... my fingers stop on the keyboard.

Bad attitude.

I will get it fixed... in about fourteen more days. Maybe sooner... if someone offers me a t-shirt.


  1. Stubborness can be a good trait. But in this case you need to make yourself write! You don't have to do it for Nano, just do it because otherwise you will have wasted an opportunity to do what you love!

  2. Lol, yeah, NaNo can be somewhat of a motivation killer to those of us who aren't participating. I'm too busy working on revisions for a deadline to even think about NaNo, and it's not really my thing anyway.

  3. You are both right... I mean write... OKAY OKAY!!

  4. I will be happy to supply you with a beautiful t-shirt!