Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Travelling to SLC

Tomorrow, I leave on a business trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Travelling in winter time from Idaho to Utah is always a sketchy idea. If it's not snowing, raining, or fog covered here, then it is in SLC. Flights are often delayed and roads can be tricky.

Yay me.

I'd much rather stay home in my pj's and write all day... or read all day... or both. :)

But, I'll take a book with me and my laptop with me, and I can do both - - while waiting in the airport for a delayed flight. HA.

I suppose I should find my winter coat before I leave...

I'm wondering if the characters in my book like to travel. Do you like to travel? Always?


  1. Sorry Margo. :(

    At least snow is pretty? Wishing you safe travels, nonetheless.


  2. I live in Southern California, but I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Be careful. The weather hasn't been very good there. My mom still lives there amongst other relatives of mine.

    Traveling is not my thing. I can't sleep before I go and then I am uncomfortable the whole time regarless of the length of flight and then I'm exhausted from the stress of traveling. However, I do enjoy getting to where I'm going. I'll be there in Utah in January.

    Have a safe trip and enjoy your time there.

  3. Thanks people! The experience was slightly different than I anticipated... Here's the short version: We received 7 inches of snow over night. The usual 25 minute drive to the airport took 1 hour 40 minutes. As I finished going through security, they called my name over the P.A. saying final call they're closing the doors. I barely got on the plane in time, and then we sat on the tarmack for 90 minutes waiting to be de-iced. I got quite a bit read in my book! The weather in SLC is beautiful today.