Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Isn't Life Interesting?

Sometimes I wonder if writers find life more interesting than other people.

As a writer, I'm constantly wondering... like:
* where are those people flying to in the plane overhead, and are they looking out the window at me on the ground, or are they busy talking to the person next to them?
* if an earthquake (an-epic-movie-making-earthquake) happened in the middle of the day, where would my family meet up again? at home? at church? We'd all be coming from different directions; could we get back together?
* was it coincidence that my family decided spur of the moment to open all of our presents Christmas Eve instead of the traditional Christmas day; and then our Christmas day was consumed with the death of our awesome dog Pennie? Coincidence? Inspired?

I wonder.

Life is interesting.

Pennie the dog always told us when she and/or Sabbath (our other dog) needed to go outside. First, she'd sit and stare at me until I took notice and recognized her cue and let them out. If I was preoccupied and didn't notice her cue, she would moan at me until I did notice her. Sabbath never gave the cue. It was always Pennie.

All day, Tuesday, Sabbath came to me and sat directly in front of me. I asked him, "Outside?" and he jumped up and ran to the back door.  He'd never done that before. He has to now, because his best friend and care taker is gone.  He's also only peeing in one spot now. Before, he used to always wait for Pennie to pee, and then he would pee directly on top of her spot on the lawn.

Life is interesting.

My friend went to water aerobics Monday morning and from what I understand, her aorta separated from her heart. They were able to get her to the hospital and notify her family very quickly. Her family was able to gather and say good bye before she passed away.  I feel sad for her husband. They were best friends.

We've been letting Sabbath sleep with us since Pennie passed away, so he won't feel so lonely with out her. Or is it the other way around? So we won't feel so lonely with out her. We've slipped several times, forgetting that Pennie is gone, expecting her to come around the corner or put her head on our knee or come in from the backyard.

Life and death are both interesting, but I'd rather experience life.

Try back again tomorrow, and I will do my best to post a more cheerful commentary on the topic of writing.

In the meantime, do you think writers wonder more about the details of life than a typical person? Or do you think everyone considers the ins and outs of every possibility?


  1. Yes, very interesting! (writers, "coincidences," the way things work out, your dog/s) I do think a lot of writers see things differently than other people. The "what if" kind of mentality, on the lookout for stories or character tidbits or how they can use a mood or smell or description in their latest writing. Being an artist also, I think artists also tend to look at the world differently. It's natural!

  2. Margo,

    As for looking for your dog, we still call our "new" dog by our "old" dog's name even though it has been a year since his death.

    You've had a tough week, so no pulling out a fake cheerful post. Revel and wallow in your sadness, otherwise you'll shove it down and it will rear its sad little head when something silly you break a dish and then cry for two days.

    I'm so sorry for your losses.


  3. Hey Margo. No, I don't think everyone sees things as we do. I think we are a very unique group of people and weather that's a good thing or a bad thing, I'm never really sure. I think we have the ability to see things all the way to the very core of them and at times that can be heartbreaking, but at other times, such a gift. I guess I'd never change this about myself. And my husband always says it's a weird but a great asset. He says he's never known anyone who could be so deep and philosophical without some sort of outside influence. Just think about it this way. We can be this way, this totally super cool, I've just had a revelation, inventive, imaginative, heart-tugging, adventurous, emotional, humorous, passionate trip, and we don't even have to smoke pot or eat shroons to accomplish it. How cool is that! My heart is with you. Hope I made you laugh. And you're in my thoughts...friend.

  4. My sympathies. Both on the loss of your friend and the loss of your dog.

    Both become such a big part of one's life that it's impossible to imagine life without them.

  5. I definitely think writers notice/wonder more about life. Or perhaps it's that noticers are more likely to become writers. Whichever came first, there is definitely a connection!

  6. Thanks for the great comments everyone, and yes TC, you made me laugh. :)