Friday, December 31, 2010

I've not read a Koontz book in awhile, and since I know he's a dog lover (has he written a book that didn't have a dog in it?), I figured I should read a good-scary-dog-loving-book by Koontz. I have plenty to choose from, because several years ago my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said, "As many Koontz books as you can afford." I gave him a list of the ones I'd already read and sent him on his way. I think he and the kids gave me about 15 paperback books that year for Christmas. Nice.

He asked me the other day if I'd read them all yet (I am an avid reader, but I read a lot of different authors now, not just Koontz!). I told him I still had a few to go but that I wanted to stretch them out so I'd always have a Koontz on hand to read! ...Did I mention the kids usually get me the newest Koontz releases for birthdays and Christmas gifts still? So, I actually have a nice stash of them on hand... haha!

So, anyhow, I looked through my unread Koontz books and selected FALSE MEMORY. Now, if you've read it - don't give anything away - because I'm only on page 192. But it is AWESOME! I keep re-reading passages thinking, HOW does he do this? His metaphors blow my mind. I wish I would've marked one page so I could quote the line here, but it said something like: no one could turn more heads unless they were a coven of chiropractors. HAHA.

Here's the page I did mark to share with you:

"Dogs possessed so many admirable qualities, in fact, that Dusty sometimes wondered if God had created this world expressly for them above all other creatures. Human beings might have been put here as an afterthought, to ensure that dogs would have companions to prepare their meals, to groom them, to tell them they were cute, and to rub their bellies" (page 174).


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  1. I haven't read Koontz in a long time... but I remember his books were stunning. There was one with Lightning in the title that I'd like to find and read again. Thanks for the reminder! I recently finished the Amulet of Samarkand which I raved about on Goodreads. I love Goodreads too!