Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BLOGFEST: New Creations

A fun blogfest started over at:

Rules: A favorite last line from a story from last year, and a new sentence to start a new story this year.

Last line from one of last year's stories: What am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up that you’re okay? – The Script  

Yes, I ended a story with a quote.

New first line from a new story this year (does a major revision count?): Luke Michaelson sat at the small desk in his bedroom and methodically spun a closed pocket knife with his index finger.

Let me know your sentences! I look forward to reading lots of great writing this year! YAY. And, visiting new blogs - so leave your links below and I'll come visit your blog.


  1. Okay - here's mine since I didn't formally due the blogfest:

    last line - "I smile, lost in the endless blue ocean of her eyes."

    first line - "There are so many things I could have remembered from that night."
    Visist anytime!

  2. Hi,

    1) Sentimental and compassionate slant: intrigued re The Script!

    2) Ooh, kid spinning a penknife kind of intriguing: boredom, frustration, plotting, maybe? "Just William" springs to mind. ;)


  3. Hiya Margo,from Margo...thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your first sentence is full of emotion and one senses th relief after tension. Your second is much more brooding, I think it's the 'methodically' that's so gripping.

  4. Wow . . . spinning a pocket knife with his index finger. You have my mind going a thousands different ways with that.

  5. I like that you ended a story with a quote - different and intriguing.

    Great new line, which left wanting to ask many questions. Why is Luke brooding and what does he plan to do with the pocket knife?

  6. Hi

    I came over from Summer's blogfest!

    I like your last sentence - I'm intrigued!

    And your first sentence speaks volumes! There's a sense of foreboding brewing nicely!

    Take care

  7. Your last sentence- That's a song I really like! your new sentence sounds like a good revision. Happy writing and thank you Fairy much for participating~

  8. Nice job, Margo! The Script is a great band.

  9. What I like about this blogfest is how much it makes me want to read the book that follows the first line.

    What does he do with the pocket knife?
    Is he going to kill someone?


  10. It's all right to end a story with a quote. Remember the end of GONE WITH THE WIND?

    Clarissa is right : I want to know what he is thinking when he is spinning the pocket knife. Thanks for visiting my blog, Roland

  11. Intrigue and tension spin in both sentences! It feels like they go together?

    Nice to meet you, Margo!

  12. Ooh the first sentence could be sardonic or charming Your second setence is also very intriguing. :O)