Friday, February 11, 2011

LEARNING TO SWIM - Winner Announced!

So... got teenagers?
I do. :-) And it is a pain JOY everyday.
Love them.
Really. I do!

Me: Wanna help me select a winner at random?
Teenager: WHAT?
Me: I'm giving a book away on my blog. Do you want to help me select a winner at random?
Teenager: WHY?
Me: I interviewed Sara J. Henry and she's giving away a copy of her awesome book LEARNING TO SWIM. I get to pick the winner. Do you want to help me select a winner at random?
Teenager: %-P   *crosses eyes and sticks out tongue*
Me: Nevermind. I can do it by myself.
Teenager: No! I want to help. What do we need to do?
Me: Select a winner at random.
Teenager: HOW?
Me: Oh. My. Gosh. I thought a teenager could come up with a fun creative way, so I could post a fun interesting story on the blog. NOPE! Clearly not going to happen.
Teenager: Wait.
Me: Okay.
Teenager: Assign them all a number.
Me: Okay. Done.
Teenager: Pick a number, any number.
Me: The point was for YOU to pick a winner, not me.
Teenager: I will. Trust me. Just pick a number. Don't tell me what it is, just think it.
Me: Okay.
Teenager: Now, add seven to it.
Me: K
Teeanger: Times it by two.
Me: %-P
Teenager: Minus eleven
Me: Seriously.
Teenager: :-) That's the winner.
Me: *sigh*

So...after all the teenage drama FUN - we have a winner!

Please email me your shipping address (my email is on the right sidebar), and I will forward your address to Sara, and she will send you a copy of LEARNING TO SWIM.
YAY! Congrats.

If you didn't win - don't worry - you can order your copy on AMAZON!
And a big thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting!

we will resume some sort of regular OUT OF THIS WORLD writing posts.


  1. Lol that was a fun way to pick a winner.


  2. That was fun! Congrats to the winner!

  3. I think your teenager devised the PERFECT way to pick a winner! YAY for me!! =) Looking forward to reading it. Thanks Margo & Sara!

  4. So funny!

    New follower...

  5. Good thing you didn't go over the number of the highest entry! If you were a wisecracker like me you would have thought of the square root of two, since your teenager said 'any number', which would have made the selection even harder.

  6. Oh Margo I think that is a brilliant way to pick a winner. I know at first it seemed like a crazy idea, but your teenager has it right on...Fabulous!

  7. Congrats to Shelby!
    Looking forward to getting my copy later this month!
    Thanks for running the contest, Margo.