Monday, February 14, 2011

SECRETS REVEALED: Become a Better Writer!

Simply, read more.


Okay...not *simply* read more, but read more WELL WRITTEN books by great authors.

What? You say you don't have time to read more because:
1. You're spending all of your time writing.
2. You have a full time job, and you're trying to write.
3. You have thirteen children, a full time job, and you're trying to write.
4. etc.


You still want to become a better writer?

It's still the same answer. Oh, and:
1. Write more
2. Get a critique partner (or four)
3. Read excellent books on the craft of writing
4. And, read more.


What's the best tip (aka secret) you have for becoming a better writer?


  1. Just write. Even if it's crap. It gets the brain working to produce gems :o)

  2. I haven't stopped reading - even though it's been hard to enjoy it because I'm more critical. However, I agree. Reading helps us be better.

  3. It's so simple, isn't it? :)

    I try to read every chance I get. And now that it's getting warmer, I think I'm going to start carrying a book and reading while I walk to work/school. That's an extra 20-40 minutes a day of reading (minus the pausing to cross the street :)

    I'm excited to see you signed up for the HONE YOUR SKILLS Blogfest. Thanks for joining us. Can't wait to see your story!

  4. Good advice. Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Reading books you don't like helps too! How else will you know what not to write? LOL

    Welcome to the crusade, we write in some of the same genres so see ya in a fantasy somewhere.

  6. Fellow Crusader saying hi.

    Love your "About me". I've never considered writing fattening, but we do spend an awful lot of time sitting down!

    Good luck on finding the perfect chocolate-bearing agent too.


  7. Hello Margo, I still read a lot. For a while my writing brain got in the way of reading for pleasure. I couldn't read anything without thinking, 'ooh that's good. How have they done that etc?'

    But now, I can flick a switch and read in either critical, or pleasure mode.