Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break

What does Spring Break mean to you? Vacation? Memories of vacations? Spring cleaning? Kids out of school?

Well ... here's what we've been doing this week:

1. My 14-yr-old daughter "dog-sits" to earn money. So, she has been babysitting two wiener dogs (is that what they're really called?), two guinea pigs, another dog of unknown breed, and a large fish (for reals). Plus, we have a giant dog of our own. Our house feels like a pet store.

2. My 17-yr-old son has been bit by the cooking bug this week. So, he's been selecting recipes (about four at a time), going to the grocery store on his own, and making yummy food for us. So far, he's made (from-scratch-home-made) cinnamon rolls, crab-apple salad (but there's neither crab nor apples in it), marinated white-bbq chicken, and breakfast burritos. Next, he plans on making bbq beef sandwiches, chicken-broccoli braid, craisin-almond salad, and something else I can't recall off the top of my head.

3. House cleaning ... we started ... but then got distracted by a movie marathon. Red-box is our friend.

4. My other son has been working endlessly to get caught up on school work that he fell behind on - - bummer for him. But, he has had a good attitude about it.

Anyhow ... what are you doing for spring break?


  1. I need my spring break NOW! Ours isn't until after Easter. But I plan to read, go to the beach, and write - A LOT.

    Enjoy yours! :)

  2. Spring break makes me want to clean. I do a lot of throwing-away/giving-away!

  3. We don't have spring break this week, so we are doing the regular routine. When spring break comes, I have no idea what we will do. The movie marathon sounds way fun, though. The dog-sitting not so much.

  4. I had spring break about two weeks ago. I spent the time reading three books, made homemade granola, and my parents and I visited a non-commercial touristy place that's crowded in the summer and prettier in the autumn. In no way was homework involved.

  5. Weird, I think Blogger ate my comment. Enjoy your spring break!