Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why do I Write?

Have you ever really considered WHY you need to write?

Well, one reason FOR SURE, for me, is to be able to freely say what I WANT to say (even if it is to fictional characters!).

Friday morning I Googled the politically correct way to type a resignation letter. In the process, I read some pretty funny (and inappropriate) example letters, as well as the proper ones. I still think everyone should be able to just say what they really mean ... like: you suck, I quit Thank you for the opportunity. And, I certainly wouldn't want to burn any bridges say anything mean  miscommunicate. So, instead I typed a very formal (and so not me) letter. Talk about VOICE (or, lack of ...). ha.

Anyway, good news: I will have more time to spend with my children write.

What is one reason you write?


  1. I write cuz I crave a creative outlet... I need it or I feel frustrated with everything else. I can get the same fix by crafting or drawing, but I prefer writing.

    Good luck with that time thing. ;)

  2. Hi,

    Writing for moi is a purely creative outlet that painting canvas doesn't always fulfil any more than slogging away in the garden: my second great love.

    Plus with writing it's a blast putting characters in sticky situations one would avoid like the plague in real life! ;)


  3. Writing is similar to breathing. I've gotta do it!

  4. I write simply because I enjoy it--or I should say the final product. Because writing is hard, frustrating, slap-in-the-back-of-the-head moments, and amazing. The few successes amidst the rejections keeps me going :)

  5. I'm with Catherine. I write because I love it (most of the time).

  6. Creative writing is sanity :)

  7. I'm going to second MPax. Sanity. Otherwise I'm lost in a head full of voices.

  8. Hmm, I don't think I have a reason beyond "I just do". I agree with others above about needing a creative outlet, however. If it's not writing then I must dance or play music. But with dance and music, I'm not creating in the same way as with writing, because I don't choreograph or compose.

  9. Similar to the others, I write for a creative outlet. Pretty much the same time I stopped acting, I started writing. I guess my creativity just switched from one outlet to another. And I love with writing that you can do it whenever suits you. You don't have to work to anybody else's schedule (unless you're *unlucky* enough to have publishing deal to honour!).