Friday, May 13, 2011

Pull Yourself Up by the Boot-Straps

Who knew I was so addicted to my blog? ACK! When blogger had technical issues for awhile ... I could only think about the update I wanted to post NOW regarding yesterday's post. But, since blogger removed yesterday's post (will it ever come back?), an update seems dumb.

And yet, I MUST!

I wanted to let you all know that I've pulled myself up by my boot-strings ... or is it boot-straps? I tried to google the origin of the phrase, but I typed in boot-strings and smiled at the results:

I suppose, I could use *those* boots to lift my spirits. YIKES!

So, then, I googled boot-straps, and had much better success for my intended purpose!

Well, okay, I might not ever be seen wearing pink cowboy boots ... but I would definitely be seen wearing hiking boots:

I might even own that pair of hiking shoes, with the "boot-strap" on the back heel. Hmm. And you thought that strap was just to help you pull your shoe on!! Nope.

Now, the origin of the phrase is debateable ... but the point of the phrase is to empower yourself to do something that seems utterly impossible.

If you'd like to know more about the history of the phrase "pulling yourself up by your boot-straps" check out this great post I found:
History of the Phrase

Otherwise, simply know that I've recovered! And to toy with another phrase ... what are you supposed to do if you fall off a horse/bicycle/swing? Get right back on!!  So, I've already sent out over ten new query letters to agents.

Thanks for all of your support and all of the virtual chocolate. I ate it all and didn't even gain a pound. Nice. Too bad computers don't have a "scratch-n-sniff" application! Wait ... maybe that's a good thing.

Do you own any shoes with boot-straps?


  1. I own a pair of cowboy boots with turquoise in them. They come in handy more often than you'd think. Can't say that I own and super fun stilettos like that, though! Never knew that is where the phrase came from, though. You really do learn something new every day!

  2. Good for you for recovering Margo!

    Yes, I've lost lots of comments to my most recent post. Am sure it will rectify itself.

    I didn't know that was where the comment came from either.

  3. And all this time I thought they were there to help me get up when I tipped on the trail. Who knew?
    Very glad you're doing better.