Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ACK! Bugs - I do NOT like them!!

Okay, so yes ... I've been home from Girls' Camp a few days, and I know you are all dying for pictures and stories - - right?  Well, I've still been a bit busy trying to catch up with my runaway life.

One thing I've been busy with: sending my 16-yr-old son off on a rock-climbing and camping trip with a youth group.

He came home tonight (11pm) from the trip. At first, I thought coming home late would be fine. Right? Have him shower and send him to bed. Easy peasy.

Until he stiffly came to my room and said, "Mom, whatever you do, please don't panic. I can't handle that."

Deep breath.

"I won't panic." I slowly sat up (I had been reading THE ART OF HAPPINESS while waiting for him to head to bed).

Jacob said, "I have a tick. Could you please remove it?"

Deep breath.

Fire? Oil? Tweezers? Google?

Flashlight! Maybe he only thinks it's a tick! Maybe it's a blood blister!

Upon closer examination ... definitely a tick.

Have I not had enough encounters with bugs this month?

I very calmly asked him, "Did you use bug spray while you were camping?" YOU KNOW ... THE KIND THAT DISCOURAGES TICKS FROM HITCHING A RIDE?

"No," he calmly responded.

So, while I saturated the tick with olive oil, I wondered if I should've started with a flame, but then thought the two ideas shouldn't reside in my head at the same time. Is olive oil flamable? YIKES. Using tweezers, very close to his skin, I sucessfully removed (as far as I can tell at 11:30pm) the tick. Minus one leg.

Think I can sleep peacefully tonight?


  1. Ugh! You're creeping me out, Margo. Minus one leg just, made it worse.

    Moody Writing

  2. Ooh bugs! Ones that dig in your flesh! Run's off to read the next blog on my list.....

  3. Those little things creep me out to no end!!! Ugh!! Yuck!!!

  4. Ew! Okay terrible mental image! Glad you got it out though with a missing leg instead of the head.


    Congrats on not panicking!

    Christi Corbett

  6. Argh, you were brave! Bugs are one thing, but ticks are demented bugs, and a diff critter entirely! Ew!