Monday, June 13, 2011

YIKES! Seems I actually cannot DO IT ALL!

I could list out my to-do list from the last three weeks and identify the things accomplished and those that fell by the way-side ... but that would take too much time, and frankly, depress me.

So, instead I'll give you a list of five things I did accomplish and five I did not. And, keep in mind, we just got back in town, and I'm leaving again Tuesday 6am for a week at Girls' Camp.

1. Colored hair purple (not bright but vibrant) because 39 girls accomplished the service goals we set for them prior to this week's girls' camp.
2. Taught Pulled my hair out ... HELPED my daughter sew four monkey themed pillowcases (two to give away) and a pair of monkey-themed fleece pajama bottoms for her to wear at camp. (Our group of 39 girls have the monkey as our mascot.)
3. Bought a swim suit so I can attend water aerobics again.
4. Got puppy to the vet for his next round of shots.
5. Really - that's all I can think of.

Not Accomplished:
1. Clean house
2. Finish critiques for writing buddies
3. Clean house
4. Pottie train puppy
5. Schedule blog posts ahead for the next week

So ... feel free to come and clean my house while I'm gone and pottie-train the puppy.

Blog posts will resume on June 20th. ... Well, assuming I survive girls' camp.


  1. Hey you got some stuff done!! Better than nothing :)

    Right now I feel like sleeping for a week........

  2. I know the feeling. Sometimes, there's just way too much to do, and nowhere near enough time in the day to do it all.

    Hope you enjoy your week at girl's camp! :)

  3. 50/50! That's not so bad! And purple hair.... awesome!

  4. I'm still working on potty-training my kid...not going well, considering the fact that she yanked off her diaper and did her business in her dad's office two days ago. Business number 2, at that. Good luck with the puppy :)

  5. Have a great time at camp! I well remember all the Brownie camps I've led/attended. never had to dye my hair purple - although it sounds like a great incentive. I would have but that long ago no one even thought of it.

  6. You can only do so much. Have fun at camp!! :)

  7. Have fun at camp! I hear you on the to do lists. My own schedule has been a nightmare of late and I have had to let things fall by the wayside. I'm hoping to get back on track ASAP. Good luck! And I love the purple hair...Awesome!

  8. Oh - I must see pics of the purple hair. LOVE IT!

    And don't worry about getting it all done. Have fun!

  9. Nice on the purple hair. Sounds like you got lots done.