Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun Contest! Hurry - it ends today!

My pal Christi over at Christi Corbett is offering a fun contest with great prizes ... but hurry it expires today at midnight!!

Here are the basic rules, but visit this link above for full contest details and for your chance to enter:
* Entrants shall create, on purpose, the worst opening line to a novel.
* One sentence (fifty word limit).
* The use of commas, semi-colons, ellipsis, and/or hyphens is highly encouraged.
* All genres accepted.
* Let’s keep it clean. No sex, extreme violence, or cursing.
* Entry deadline is Saturday at 11:59pm (Pacific Standard Time)

You wanna see my entry? Here it is:

Ravenous Xavier woke up suddenly from a restless night's sleep to see a scary storm brewing beyond his pad, but suddenly a bug flew within sight, and Xavier whipped his tongue out and snapped at the bug; it fell next to him, and Xavier licked it up.

I think it's a winner, because it breaks so many "rules" ...
1. It opens with someone waking up.
2. It references the weather.
3. It uses -ly words.
4. It uses repeated words.

Go enter the contest!


  1. Thanks for the link~ love your entry :)

  2. I love your entry also. It cracks me up. I think I will bop over there and try it also for fun. It is kind of fun to try to do something wrong for a change! Refreshing.

  3. Margo,

    Thanks so much for putting up a link to the contest.

    And, speaking of contests, I'm hosting another one on June 29th. Dan Krokos (of winning Query Shark on his first time submitting fame) is judging a caption contest and agreed to let me interview him.

    Should be fun...

    Christi Corbett