Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bed Bugs! YIKES!!

Truth: Sometimes, I exaggerate. Sometimes, I over-react. Sometimes, I even FREAK-out unnecessarily.

Question: Why did I hear the news report on the radio and see a separate news report on the t.v. AFTER we went on the Alaskan cruise?!


When we checked into our room on the cruise ship there was a tiny bug on the bed (see "adult unfed" above). Of course, I immediately freaked out. But, my ever-calm husband simply squished the bug with his fingers, *insert my high-pitched shriek* and he said, "Don't freak out."

Seriously? Yup.

So, I tried to convince myself it was nothing. But, I also ripped open the bedsheets and inspected every inch. Nothing. All right.


Next day: another single bug.


Husband: "Calm down. We're fine." He squishes the bug with his fingers.

What could we do? Complain and have the stewards spray our room and bed with pesticide?

I really wish we would've.

Instead, I checked the bed constantly and never found another bug.

Then, driving home from Seattle, there's a news report on the radio about the increase in bed bug infestations. YIKES!

Husband: "Calm down. You're over-reacting."

News report this morning on t.v.: PICTURES of the bed bugs! Yup. That's what was on the bed on the cruise ship!! YIKES!! Report tells of increased infestations in hotels and how the bugs lay eggs in your suitcases and travel home with you!! News report says you shouldn't itch because you can get an infection that can kill you.

Me: FREAKING OUT! and suddenly feeling very itchy.

Daughter: "Mom! Stop it!"

Google it.

Me: FREAKING OUT EVEN MORE!! and checking my skin for bites.

Google results say to wash all your clothes and call a pest control company.

Really? Do I have to call a pest control company? I didn't complain on the cruise ship because I didn't want to sleep in pesticide, and now ... Google says my whole house needs pesticide?

Am I over-reacting? What am I supposed to do???


  1. My friend's dentists son in law (or something crazy like that) is a bed bug exterminator. It could very well be a mind over matter thing, but I would wash all your clothes and watch skin for bites. If it gets worse, then I'd look for help. (Then again, I'm only fourteen so you might want to question my advice.) Good luck!

  2. Lavender essential oil, sprinkle a few drops on the mattress, sheets etc...they hate it and you and your bedding smell pretty!

  3. Ewwww! Gross. Don't blame you for feeling squirmy. *itches* Hope you get this straightened out soon!

  4. I'd feel itchy too. But I'm confident you won't die. I'm thinking you should just wash everything really good and do the lavender thing. Hope everything works out!

  5. Eeeek, I'd be freaking out too! i remember in college there was a room in my dorm that had bedbugs. Luckily it was all the way across the building and two floors below my room. But I still felt itchy and was paranoid!

  6. My skin is totally crawling right now. Thanks for that.

    We have ticks here a lot, and once you see one, you think you see them all the time, especially if you get one on you...

    I'd definitely not feel bad about over-reacting here, even if you really are. I'd be ready to torch the mattress, myself.

  7. Okay ... so ... update. I convinced my husband that this is something we should be concerned about, and yet the reality is this: I've washed ALL the clothes we took on our trip. I've inspected the luggage closely, and I've Lysol sprayed (like that's gonna do anything?) the luggage and shoes.

    Throughout that process, I found ZERO bugs.

    I haven't found any since we've been away from the cruise ship.

    I understand they could've dropped some eggs (EEK!), but if I wash everything completely and keep an eye on our bed and pillows AND USE THE SUGGESTED LAVENDER OIL ... I think (hope and pray) we'll be okay.

    We don't have any bites or evidence of any bugs.

    So, while I may (hopefully) over-reacted, I still want to be very proactive and prevent any possible problems.

    But, I still have the itchies, and I am still afraid to go to bed!!

  8. Yuk! I would be reacting the same way if I found what you did.

  9. I don't think you're over-reacting. I've been skittish about hotel accommodations for a few years now. This bedbug thing isn't new around here.

  10. I'm itching as I write this. I don't blame you at all for freaking out. If the infestation is small, bedbugs will hide in crevices of end tables and headboards then climb out at night. Make sure you wash everything and go ahead and call the exterminator.

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