Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creation of YA Horror Story

Okay ... I went from freaking out about bed bugs yesterday to dealing with about 35 young women last night ... preparing a skit for next week's Girls' Camp.

I ate a few chocolate chip cookies as a result.

Did I mention how excited I am for camp next week? I'm really looking forward to all of the bugs fun.

Maybe I should write a theraputic journal entry a YA horror story about camp ... and bugs that infest the human body causing the teenage girls to appear pregnant ... but they won't be giving birth to human babies! And imagine the attitudes of the parents when the girls come home from camp "with child" ... and ready to burst.

... BWHAHahahahahaa ...

I feel better already. How 'bout you? :-)


  1. You are too funny!

    I always loved camping. Didn't like the bugs, but I like sleeping outside.

  2. Now that would be a horror story! Good luck at camp.

  3. LOL! Brilliant! And as much as I see agents looking for horror stories, you're prolly onto something!

  4. That's a best seller, right there. ;) When I went to camp last summer, a bug bit my eye and caused it to swell - on picture day, too. I love camp, nonetheless. Have fun!