Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can You See the SWEAT on the Back of my Shirt?

About 2pm this afternoon, my daughter commented, "Oh, this is not going to be a good shirt for volleyball."

I asked, "Why not?" I thought the shirt for the summer league was super cute, bright turquoise with white and pink accents.

"It's gonna show pit," she said and pointed at the armpits.

I tried not to laugh. IT'S A VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE. You are SUPPOSED to sweat!!

Somewhere around 150 teenage girls showed up today for the first day of this two week league. They played non-stop (okay, maybe two breaks) volleyball from 5pm to 10pm. Plus, my daughter's school met earlier, at 2:30pm, to get some practice time in before the league games. So, technically, she played 7 1/2 hours of volleyball today.

But, at the league games, I watched girl after girl turn to her closest ally and ask, "Can you see the sweat on the back of my shirt?" And, each time it was said with a tone of concern, because none of the girls wanted to be caught sweating ... at least not more than the other girls around them.

These are athletes!! This is not P.E. ... They've chosen to compete.

After about the fourth game, when my own daughter asked me, "Does my shirt look really wet with sweat?"  - - I very kindly replied (with wide eyes and raised eyebrows) "Focus on your game play, not on your sweat!"

She nodded and said, "Right, but does it look bad?"

I love young women.

I get to watch another five hours tomorrow.

P.S. I know my posts have been lacking lately. My apologies. I've been very focused on family activities, and The Flat Belly Diet! While this blog is intended to be a resource for writers (which it STILL IS! just click on links in the sidebar to previous posts!), I think I might devote some time to writing about our journey with the Flat Belly Diet program. It's been interesting. And, very successful - - so check back for more updates on that!


  1. Hehehe, "it's gonna show pit". That's so cute.

  2. That is just too funny. Poor things!
    I am very interested to hear about the flat belly diet!

  3. Young girls of course are concerned about how they look - they just can't help it!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. Tell her not to worry until she shows butt sweat. That's usually a cause for real concern. When one power walks outdoors, wear black. That's all I'm saying. LOL.

  5. That totally cracks me up. Don't tell your daughter, though. After my workouts, I'm a total sweat bomb, but I'm old, so I don't care what it looks like 'cause I just worked my tush off. I earned every bead (of sweat).

  6. I used to wish that I'd get "pitted out" in PE so other people would think I was working. Or at least to avoid my gym teacher telling me to "hustle, Kohler, hustle!" Bah.

  7. Haha, girls are such worry warts when it comes to their looks. I never wanted to look like I was sweating though, either, when I played sports, haha.

  8. Those girls are precious.
    Please keep us posted on the flat belly thing, we will be most grateful

  9. haha. That's great. Don't they realize that they're ALL sweating? Of course not... Oh my. Have fun. Good luck to your daughter.

    <3 Gina Blechman