Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Activities

(Crazy long post. If you don't have time to read it ... just look at the pretty pictures!)

We had a great event filled Labor Day weekend!

It started off with bugs (what else?).

I had been bitten several times on each ankle Wednesday night, and Friday night when I went to apply more anti-itch cream, my kids freaked out when they saw my ankle! YIKES. One of the bites had swollen to the size of a golf ball.

I clearly wasn't thinking straight, because I honestly hadn't even noticed. Sheesh. So, my kids insisted I go to "Quick Care" a.k.a. Doc in the Box. The doctor took a look at my ankle and said, "Hmm. That's unusual." Gee, thanks, Doc. He said I was having an allergic reaction and needed to take a double dose of Zyrtec every day until the lump was gone. (That was Friday night. It's now Tuesday morning, and lump is still there ... maybe a bit smaller.)

Saturday, I hit the ground running (even though Doc said I should rest all weekend). I had a Stampin' Up! workshop in the morning.

photo source: http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/margo

Then met some friends and used a long arm quilting machine to quilt an big queen sized log cabin quilt. YAY!

This isn't the exact machine I used, but silly me, I forgot to take my camera!

Here's the quilt (it still needs the binding finished):

Close up of the free motion quilting I did (this is the back side of the quilt).

After quilting for 4 1/2 hours, I raced home, grabbed the kids, and headed for Meridian. Because, we had free tickets for the Meridian Speedway! And, it was a crazy crashed filled night! What a blast!

picture source: http://www.asa-racing.com/news.aspx?Id=47835

By Saturday night, my swollen ankle was killing me. So, I took the doctor's advice on Sunday and rested. I finished the hand embroidery on one of my favorite quilts. Then Monday, I sewed the blocks together and "sandwiched" the quilt. While my family watched movies, I started the hand quilting. YAY. Great weekend.

What did you do over the holiday weekend?


  1. Hi Margo!

    I LOVE your quilts!! Especially that last one. Gorgeous. I admire anyone with the patience to quilt. I did not get that gene from my grandmother!!!

    This weekend I did a bit of writing, a bit of crafting and went to a book festival and fan girled some authors. It was most enjoyable!

    Hope that ankle gets better!!!

  2. What apacked weekend! Love your quilts. Can you bring that machine over to mine. ? There's a quilt wilting on the frame from neglect.

  3. You had a very productive weekend indeed. We went trekking at the nearby cougar mountain and the rest of the days it was just reading and board games.

  4. That is so cool! Sounds like fun- minus the bugs of course!!!

  5. Oh dear I hope your ankle is doing better!!

    I spent most of the weekend away from the computer out in the middle of nowhere playing poker with friends. Also sat in traffic coming home but I'm sure everyone did that.

  6. Wow! You had one long and full weekend! Sounds like it was a blast=)

    I want to know more about this stamp thing...

  7. Um...wow! Those quilts are amazing!

    And take care of that ankle. Please. Hope the golf ball has swollen to a pea.

    Labor Day was catch up day for me, but I did make it to the beach some. And read.

  8. Pretty quilts! Sounds like a great weekend. Last year I stood outside watching my roofline for bats and ended up with between 30-40 bites on each leg between my ankle and my knees. It was a baaaad couple of weeks. I hope your bite gets better soon!