Thursday, September 1, 2011

Put Me in Coach!

As a writer, have you gone through the query process? Have you successfully found an agent?

At any point in the process, have you ever felt like shouting from the roof tops, "I'm ready!"

But, the agents say:
"Work on your skills."
"No thank you."
"Keep trying."


Have you played sports?

I feel like my daughter and I are going through the same experiences right now. I have skills. She has skills. But, the agents and coaches are busy looking at other players. We need to do something to grab their attention and not let go.


"Put me in coach! I'm ready to play ... today! Look at me! I can be ..."

Maybe the coach or agent knows more than us, but maybe the coach or agent has personal preferences as well.

I told my daughter:
"Hustle your butt more."
"Improve your skills."
"Have the most positive attitude possible."
"And keep working at it."

That advice works just as well for those of us in the query trenches.

"Put me in coach! I'm ready to play ... today! Look at me! I can be ..."


  1. Number one piece of advice that works in both situations: KEEP TRYING!

    Good luck to both of you. :-)

  2. Determination and perspiration. And maybe a little desperation :)

  3. Just keep at it! You never know when they're gonna say "You're in!" ;)

  4. Good analogy! Never looked for an agent though. Found a publisher instead.

  5. I hear you. Perseverance is the key. Hang in there you two!

  6. Hi Margo!

    I'm in your write campaign group. Thought I would come over, introduce myself, and hop on board. I love the way you listed rules for agents in your profile. Funny stuff! Consider me a new follower.

  7. Hi Margo. I'm a fellow campaigner. I'm also ready for the coach to put me in! I've had some requests from agents lately. Now I'm just sitting on pins and needles waiting for them to get back. Good luck with that coach! Doralynn

  8. Just stopping by from the campaign. Great post. Yes, finding an agent can be quite difficult. Took me four and a half years. Good luck to you and your daughter in her sports endeavors!

  9. Great comparison. I'm glad I found this post through the Campaign. It's much harder for us to get notice because of all the competitors. I'm about to start that process.