Friday, December 2, 2011

SARAH'S KEY by Tatiana De Rosnay

Well ... it's not often that a movie version moves me as much (or nearly as much) as the original book. But, I watched SARAH'S KEY last night, and, found myself gasping and crying in several places, and it took me straight back to the feelings I had when I first read the book.

Read my review of the book HERE!

I highly recommend the movie. I'm not a fan of subtitles, but I really enjoyed this and was not distracted by the reading involved. :)

My husband watched it with me, and he's not read the book. He was moved. He said it wasn't his favorite, but he enjoyed it.

I loved it, and will definitely be purchasing my own copy of the movie for my collection.


  1. Looks amazing Margo! Definitely on my watch list now. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I bought this film the other day and am saving it to watch over the Christmas. I am thrilled to read here that the film is as good as the book. I loved the book!

  3. This is the first I have heard of either the book or the movie.

  4. I have the book on my tbr list, didn't know there was a film too :-)

  5. I'm not familiar with this title.
    I love sub-titles in movies because after a couple of moments you are fully immersed in the film.
    Saw "Crimson River" with Jean Reno yesterday and a truly great story was botched because of the English overdubbing (voiceover). Half the time could not discern what they were saying and the music was too loud.
    I know you were talking about something else;sorry.

  6. A sign of a great movie with subtitles is when the subtitles aren't a distraction. I'll have to watch this.

  7. Hello!
    That is so cool when a movie doesn't disappoint.

  8. Oh....I didn't know it was a movie. The book was heartbreaking enough, though. I can't imagine seeing it on the screen.

    THANKS for the information.

    Nice blog.



  9. After we had both finished it, it turned out we had the same opinion about it also. The book is good and has a good story line but we both agreed that the main character was too obsessed (which honestly ruined it for me). I don't want to go into too much detail and ruin the book for you, but I really thought the ending was a bit disappointing. I don't know what I was expecting but that just wasn't it. It had a good climax but the ending was too good for the way the book was going.

  10. I've reviewed the book and I've seen the movie. Personally, the film was only marginally better than the book, but quite honestly, the book is poorly written. I love French history and was highly disappointed with how de Rosnay chose to use this historical event. The MC, Julia, was a total distraction from Sarah's story and I only wish that de Rosnay had really focused on creating a historical novel. And the ending just never seemed to end. But, we all have different opinions and it doesn't hurt to give something that interests us as readers a try!