Monday, December 5, 2011

Generating Blog Traffic

Do you ever look at the "stats" for your blog ... and then look at the top keywords searched, that brought traffic to your blog?

Should I be concerned that "Hairy Russian Women" was searched for and brought two people to my blog? What does that mean exactly? ha!

Some time back, I wrote two blog posts about my kids (simply because young adults make me laugh, and I thought my blog readers would get a kick out of the stories):

Dumpster Diving
Can You See the Sweat on the Back of My Shirt?

These two posts continue to get a ton of random hits from Google searches every day. Apparently, a LOT of people are interested in both topics ... again ... what does that mean exactly?

And, yet, on a more realistic note, you can use those keyword statistics to help you formulate new posts that might generate new traffic and lead to new followers. For example, over the weekend, a lot of people searched for book reviews of BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver. This brought new traffic to my blog. So, this tells me, that people are actively searching for book reviews. Great validation for reading MORE BOOKS! Yay me. :)

So, while these keyword searches may prompt me to post more book reviews, I can promise you one thing: I will not be prompted to write anything (other than this very post) about hairy Russian women. YIKES!!

What type of posts on your blog continue to get large hits from random Google searches? Does it surprise you?


  1. ROFL! You just have! I Love this post.

    One of my posts that gets lots of hits is paradox haiku. I have no idea why.
    I read that if you add YOU to the title of posts you get more hits, but all of my most popular posts do not contain that word at all.

  2. I was actually just thinking of this exact thing, and spent last night going over my stats. Thanks for the extra info and encouragement :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  3. It's always interesting to check stats. Lately I've had some spam visitors that shot my stats way up to over 300 views a day. Too bad they weren't real people!

  4. Hahahaa...hairy Russian women.

    I do look over my stats and it helps me think of how to niche my blog, as well as blog post ideas.

  5. I've recently learned that your title is very important for drawing people in via searches. I have one called "Hope in Haiti" that got a lot of traffic.

  6. The one that always suprises me is the weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) visitors that come in search if 'goat bling' lol!

  7. What the heck is GOAT BLING - - oh my!???


  8. I can't wait for the day when something funny or exciting turns up in my search :-)

  9. haha. I will have to check my blog stats.

  10. Dogs--because I posted an article about how to describe dogs. I get dog-lovers. They don't stick around.