Monday, June 18, 2012

Climb Back On!

What do you do when you haven't written for awhile (regardless of the time frame)? Sometimes, it is a challenge to jump back in ... but that's exactly what we have to do!

1. Open the Word document (or notebook or whatever)
2. Read the last page of previously written material
3. Start writing more, and continue the story

I tell myself: it doesn't matter if what I write today is crap. Tomorrow, I can always delete it. What matters is that I climb back on that horse and start riding!

Usually, once I get going, then I find that creative energy again. It's the starting that can be hard.

What do you do to get yourself going again?


  1. What do I do? I moan and groan... but once I sit down and start writing I wonder why.

  2. I always review what I last wrote but it distracts me quite a bit with all the editing I end up doing. It takes me a bit, but once I dive in I get pretty sucked into writing.

  3. Totally agree that starting is the hardest part. I will set my timer for an hour and force the writing for that long. After a few days of this, I'm doing it longer and no longer have to time myself.

  4. It is a mindset, like everything else that's good for me. I have to tell myself I WILL do it, or I won't. Once I set my mind in the right direction, I usually stick with the plan. But if I don't plan ahead, I always manage to find something else to occupy my time :/

  5. Good thinking. I'm still having trouble with the butt in the chair and focus on the story. I'm trying to get back into the *saddle* after being sick and whatnot. Grabbing the mind and making it focus isn't as easy as it used to be. I'm having to fight that fiction ADD--oh look, there's a butterfly. Hmm, I should get_____(fill in the blank)done.

    I'm thinking I need a timer like Karen. Something more to help with the discipline.


  6. Just did that today. It's amazing how just sucking it up and writing, even when you don't want to, will get you back into the groove (and even addicted)again.

    ~Gina Blechman.

  7. Sometimes I set the timer for 10 minutes. That is just enough to get me back on track and moving again.

  8. Just start writing. As you say, we can always delete and redo.

  9. Sometimes I find that I have to read the entire story to date, again, because I've forgotten where I even was. So sometimes the last page isn't enough ;) But yep, I tend to just write, regardless of the crap.