Saturday, June 16, 2012

Writing Interrupted

Well, the last four weeks have been CRAZY ... my two boys graduated from high school, my middle boy finished his Eagle Scout project, and then we took our middle boy to college.


Mitchell and Jacob graduated from Columbia HS.

Jacob at the podium as one of the Valedictorians.
Jacob with one of two bike racks he built and installed at Columbia HS.

Jacob and his fellow scouts with bike rack installed at Columbia HS.

View from Jacob's dorm room at BYU.

Pillow case (says: no girls allowed) that I made for Jacob. His grandmother made the quilt for him nearly ten years ago.

Both exhausted after hours of packing, driving, and unpacking.


  1. Defining moments in the boys' lives. And their mom's.

    Well done, all.

  2. Hi Margo. Lovely post re your boys. The grandmother's quilt really touched me. All the best to you and your fine boys. D,

  3. Congrats to your boys! The view from BYU looks absolutely gorgeous :)