Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camping Pictures - NOT!

Sad: Camera died before I ever even took a single picture!!

Happy: We had a WONDERFUL time camping for ten days in the boonies. We dug our own latrine and built an outdoor shower ... truly, it was awesome.

Except, I often wonder why I go camping. I hate bugs, and I hate extreme heat. And we had a LOT of both.

But then I planted my chair in the river, breathed in the fresh air, watched the tree tops sway in the breeze, and I remembered why I love to go camping. There were a gazillion butterflies on the rocky beach; the sky was a brilliant blue without a cloud in sight; and we were alone. No chaos. No arguing. No phone calls. No obligations. Bliss.

The dogs chased chipmunks and jumped in the river.

My daughter and I played cards with our chairs and a table half in the river. The breeze coming off the rapids kept us cool in the heat of the day.

I admit, coming home to a clean bathroom and clean sheets was nice, but I look forward to our next opportunity to go camping.


  1. Aah...the bliss of sitting on a chair half-in a cooling river on a hot day. That will be us soon, too (if the sun holds out). We do it the softies way though - in a trailer in a campground with full hook-up. Best of both worlds?

  2. Sounds like a great trip! There's nothing like getting away from it all for a while.

  3. Sounds like you had a utterly wonderful time. Sorry to learn you had to come back to civilization (as uncivil as it often is).

  4. Glad you had a good time, even without the camera. In fact, sometimes it's nice to be able to enjoy a view without trying to get the perfect picture of it.

  5. I used to love camping. Problem for me now is - if I go to sleep on an air bed on the ground I can't get up off it in the morning.

  6. I don't care for camping anymore.

    I'm glad you and your family had a great time.
    : )