Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ISWG: Insecurities

It's time again for the IWSG post!
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What makes you feel insecure?

For me, the health of my children is a primary concern, and when something is wrong with their health, I feel very insecure. I worry that I'm not making the right choices to help them heal well. I worry how this will influence their long term health. I worry that I should have taught them better.


And when I'm busy worrying about all of those things, it makes it impossible for me to sit and work on my writing.

I have a 19-yr-old son serving a mission in Alabama. He has Ulcerative Colitis, which is like Crohn's disease, but instead of attacking the whole body, with U.C. the immune system only attacks the colon.

I have an 18-yr-old son who is supposed to leave for a mission at the end of the month, but he has a spiral fracture in one of his fingers. That has to heal before he can leave. We're seeing doctors (note the plural) and nursing it and splinting it and icing it ... trying to avoid surgery.

I have a 16-yr-old daughter who is in every sport imaginable, and she knows the school's athletic trainer very well, because she always needs either something taped or a new injury evaluated.

So the goal for today is to worry less and have faith that my children are old enough to make good choices for themselves ... and to have faith that I taught them well enough, fed them well enough, loved them ...

What makes you feel insecure?


  1. I am afraid of heights. I am afraid of falling. Phobia's more than fears, I guess. THAT makes me insecure. Because really, I haven't fallen from a great height.

    OH WAIT, I did! I fell thirty feet out of a tree I had climbed, right onto my back as my horrified father looked out the kitchen window.

    And so, when we are anywhere with height, I truly hyperventilate if my kids get "close to the edge." And they know this. So, of course, what do they do? PUSH THE ENVELOPE.
    ::: sigh :::

    I love them, but seriously, sometimes they are jerks. ;-}

    With all of that said, Margo, YOU are a rocking mama. Your kids have roots, wings, faith, and big love. (I had to...)

    Alas, it is your sons who need to keep track of themselves, and really, until they are 25 they will probably need gentle reminders. Yes. That is a broad generalization, but it's a generalization because it usually proves out.

    Both our 16 year old daughters are friends with the AT on site. Better they are one with them than the Orthopedic Surgeon. ;-)

    RELAX. You done good. (And again, I had to...)


  2. I can't write when I'm worrying about things in my life either.
    Your kids will be fine. Just remind yourself of how proud you are for what they are doing/going to do. =)

  3. I worry about my kids too - accepting that they are old enough to look out for themselves is incredibly hard! I keep reminding myself they have to stand on their own two feet, make their own mistakes, find their own success and grow away from me! Boo hoo! I find it hard not to try to organise them, bail them out and generally be indispensable. You have my empathy!

  4. Yeah, we have sick children this week. I can't stand to see little ones suffer. However, there are more things we can't control than those we can - keep the faith!

  5. Worry just steals your life. Have faith you raised your kids right and they will make the right decisions.

  6. My "babies" are 41 and 38. I still worry about them. I just try not to do it full time.

    (Of course, now I have an assortment of grandchildren to worry about, too.)