Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sparse Postings

Yes, my postings have been sparse this last month. Between the typical busy month of May and my computer crashing ... it's been a challenge to write blog posts.

But here's the good news:
1. My son is letting me use his computer until mine is fixed (if ever).
2. I sent my new manuscript off to my agent.

Now I can worry that she'll hate it wait patiently until I hear back from her.

Happy June.

I'm so glad May is over.



  1. I so often feel that way about a month when it ends. Just heave a huge sigh of relief!

  2. Way to go Margo. You will now have a less busy house and more time? I guess it can go both ways. ; )

  3. Hooray on getting the manuscript off.

    Boo on the computer - trust me, I SO get that!

    Hooray on borrowing one.

    When your manuscript sells you will get a brand, spanking new computer with an external hard drive and call yourself, "Madame Published Author."

    Welcome to June. I too, am OH so glad it is no longer May.

  4. Hi, Margo. So nice of your son to let you use his computer. CONGRATS on sending your manuscript out!

  5. Answer go buy a new PC along with a backup drive they are cheep nowadays. Congrats on sending off the manuscript.
    Passing throiugh on my roadtrip.