Monday, August 26, 2013

Because I Can

I'm posting pictures of my daughter's volleyball team ... because I can! :) She worked hard to make the varsity team, and they took fun pictures on Saturday! She's in jersey #1, by the way.

Great pictures! I look forward to watching their first games on Tuesday.


  1. How fun! We love your daughter! Now that we're back in town my kids want her to come babysit --of course she's probably too busy now. :( Hopefully we'll see you guys around!

    1. Laura! I kinda like her, too! Where are you guys living in Nampa? What ward? And ... she is VERY busy. Last week alone with volleyball, they practiced 4 hours on Monday, and then they practiced 3 hours EVERY day Tuesday thru Saturday! YIKES. Games start Tuesday, and she has tournaments the next two weekends. I hardly see her at all now.

  2. Congrats on your daughter making the varsity team. May they have a great year!