Monday, October 14, 2013

Doing Things in the Proper Order

Well, according to our research, if you want to play sports at the college level, you need to do a LOT of prep work beginning no later than your junior year of high school. ha. oops.

Okay, so we are late bloomers. Plus, it's not my daughter's main goal to play volleyball. Her main goal is to get into the college of her choice. Playing volleyball would be an awesome fringe benefit.

We realize she's not 6'2" ... and we know she didn't play on expensive club teams that travelled the country ... but she just wants to play more volleyball. Possible? We'll see.

Here's the highlights video we made for her:


  1. You are such an inspirational mom

  2. Is it that competitive even for non-division one schools? Yeesh. The video is great, though - best of luck!

  3. Volley Ball is a brutal sport--did not know that until the Olympics. Great Video. I hope your daughter finds a perfect school for her.

  4. Very good video. I wish your daughter the best of luck.

  5. Best of luck to your daughter. I hope she finds a school she will be happy with. Really good video highlights.