Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans' Day, Dad

I don't have many pictures of my dad in uniform, but here is one! Happy Veterans' Day, Dad!

I don't have many pictures of my dad in uniform, but he did serve in the Navy. Back in the day, he even lied about his age to enlist sooner. I don't know how he accomplished that, but he did. There were even arguments amongst family members when my dad died, because no one could agree on how old he actually was or what year he was actually born. I think my mother finally produced a birth certificate with the information, but my aunt argued that my dad had falsified that somehow. Hmm. All speculation.

He spent a lot of time in Japan and gave lots of gifts to his family from there. He gave his mother a set of china that she used as everyday dishes for decades. He gave a beautiful lacquered jewelry/music box to his sister. He gave another family member a lacquered photo album ... which the recipient never put a single picture into ... these items all ended up in my possession. I gave the china to my brother to remember his dad. I sold the jewelry box on eBay. I still have the empty photo album.

What does all this even mean?

Simply, that I miss my dad. I appreciate the service he gave to his country. He was the most patriotic man I knew. If he had a grave, I would plant a flag next to it today. But his ashes were spread out along the Puget Sound ... after years of sitting in a box in the top of my brother's closet. My brother used to hold the box over the toilet and threaten to flush him. My brother really struggled with the death of my father. He's better now. My dad has been gone for 17 1/2 years. I miss his bushy mustache and his genuine smile and the smell of his cigars.

Here's his favorite song, which was played at his funeral:

Happy Veterans' Day, Dad.


  1. Warm and wonderful post, Margo. I enjoyed reading about your dad -- thank you for sharing.

    I salute your dad's memory and thank him for his service to this country

  2. That's crazy, that he falsified his birth certificate! LOL. Now that's a man I want to sit down with and have a conversation.

    I love this tribute.

  3. His generation were ready and willing to support their country. My grandpa ran away from home and enlisted when he was 16. His mother found him and brought him home, after she paid for his discharge. When WW1, he enlisted and was sent immediately to France, since he had already been through basic training.

  4. My dad enlisted as soon as he turned 18, leaving his 16 year old bride behind while he served in the south Pacific. She coped with his absence by working in the defense plants (think Rosie the Riveter). They truly earned the name Greatest Generation.

  5. Beautiful tribute, Margo. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Hi Margo,
    I got this great blog recommendation from a favorite Elder Kelly in my area! He is such a missionary, thank you for sharing! Living as a military wife in a very military area, I have much love for anyone in uniform and their families.
    Thanks again, and I am sure I'll keep tabs with you! :)
    Natalie Shaw

    1. SWEET! ... I sure love that boy! My husband also comes from a military family. His dad served for a LONG time. They lived in Alaska, California, and Washington. Elder Kelly wanted to go into the military, but a medical diagnosis kept him out. So I know he loves serving around military families! Thanks for visiting my blog!