Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The State of Idaho

Yup. That's where I live. Wanna know more? Check out this totally awesome posting on BuzzFeed (it will make you smile):


  1. Really? I lived there for a little bit, and it was WAY too cold, and WAY WAY too windy, but my brother--who could live anywhere in the world--just moved there and loves it. Weird. I really don't get it, but as a Floridian, you might understand my perspective. ;)

    1. Ha! Yes, Crystal, I totally get what you're saying. I couldn't imagine living in Florida year-round. The heat and humidity would be the end of me! And not all parts of Idaho are windy. Certain areas certainly are, but where I live it's not bad. And I especially love going to the mountains to camp. My favorite thing about Idaho!

  2. I would also never live in Florida, but everyone knows that's because it's 1/2 Michigan retirees who don't know how to use a turn signal (I am from Michigan so I can say that). I just visited Oregon last month, my first trip to the Pacific NW. So beautiful out there. I worked for awhile in a job where I sent our employees to hospitals all over the country, and Idaho has some really varied landscape! I always had to watch mileage because of mountains and rivers and deserts and things that would screw up our mileage estimating software :) I'm also a nerd about maps and travel so i like seeing what's unique about different regions.

  3. Hubby and I lived in Idaho for over 25 years--loved it, still miss it. People in Midwest (when visiting) always thought we were from Ohio or Iowa!