Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brianne Johnson is a Rock Star ... Just Sayin'

What's better than getting an envelope in the mail from your agent?

Well ... getting an envelope with a mustache sticker and smiley face ... of course!

I'm telling you ... Brianne Johnson is a rock star.
And today is:
My advice for today? Hang in there. Keep writing. Keep editing. Keep plugging along toward your goals. Because the mustachioed envelope makes it all worthwhile. ;)
That is all.
Go write something good today (or write something bad and then edit it tomorrow).


  1. LOL That is awesome. I hope you keep that envelope. Great advice too.

  2. I want to received a mustachioed envelop some day. Very cool.

  3. That's some pretty great agent-mail! :)