Monday, February 16, 2015

10 Tips for Better #Blogging

Would you like to INCREASE your blog traffic? Well, scroll on down for ten simple tips for better blogging!

[This is a simultaneous post with the UncommonYA Blog. If you've not yet checked it out ... hop on over there, because it is an AWESOME resource for writers, readers, educators, and more!]


10 Tips for Better Blogging:

 1. Blog Because You WANT to: If you only write blog posts because you want followers, you may be sorely disappointed. If you hate the idea of blogging, don’t do it.

 2. Write Posts that Interest You: Followers will more naturally find you if you’re sharing content that matters to you. Sincerity is valuable.

 3. Shorten Your Post Length: Followers tend to visit a lot of blogs, and when there's a LONG post, it slows the process down.

 4. Silence the Autoplay Music: It's fine to have a playlist or player, but give your visitors the option to hit play rather than requiring them to hit stop.

 5. Eliminate the Word Verification: Do you REALLY need it? It discourages comments and slows down the process.

 6. Make Sure Your Page Loads Quickly: If your blog takes forever to load (because of complicated elements) people will close the window and move on to a different blog. Streamline your site to allow the page to load quickly.

 7. Post Regularly: You define how often, but when someone visits your blog and you haven't posted in two months - - what's the motivation for them to ever return?

 8. Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media: Utilize Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms to share a teaser about your post.

 9. Promote Other Bloggers: When people retweet or share your teaser, be sure to return the favor and promote their blogs, too.

10. Be Kind: Remember the “Golden Rule” and treat others (both in your posts and in your comments) with kindness.
What is your best tip for blogging?


  1. These are all great. I think a big part is remembering it's supposed to be fun! Don't get stressed out if you can't visit every single blog on your list every day. (Unless you happen to be the Ninja Captain.)

  2. I second the one about shortening your posts. People don't want to read 1,000 words! Keep it short and simple and write about what you want to write about!

  3. All great rules. I do my best to follow the one about short posts. Since I tend to skip longer posts myself, it seems hypocritical not to keep my short.

  4. omgosh, turning off that music is soooo important. Nothing drives me crazier...well, I'm sure I could think of some other things, but that's a biggie!

  5. That music thing really, really irritates me - I am usually listening to music when looking at other blogs, and if that music gets interrupted, I am GRUMPY!

    I also hate that word verification, but at least nowadays it seems to work, unlike in the past when you could make many attempts and not be able to get past it.

    I definitely blog because I want to. :)

  6. If I check out a new blog and see they haven't posted in months, I definitely don't follow. Now if the last post is 'hey, I'll be checking out for awhile' then I still will. I don't have verification on my blog, but I noticed that it's now switched from all those ridiculous letters and numbers to a simple box you click on. So much easier! And all great tips!

  7. #1, #1, #1. (The same rule applies to writing anything! Make sure you derive real pleasure from it because it's a long-term commitment.)