Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Best #Bloggers = Joshua Bellin & Just Get it Written

... Featured for today's #AtoZChallenge - @TheYAGuy & @CaffeMaggieato ...

Over the years I've learned so much, made so many friends, and been uplifted by so many great bloggers! As a result, I'm recognizing some of the best bloggers for this year's A to Z Challenge. These bloggers have shared knowledge, promotions, jokes, guidance, support, and more. Scroll on down to meet the next set of bloggers.

To the BEST BLOGGERS in the world - I say, "Thank you!"

J is for Joshua David Bellin and Just Get it Written.

Joshua David Bellin is an awesome author whose debut novel, SURVIVAL COLONY 9, was published in 2014 by Simon & Schuster. His blog regularly features other authors, book reviews, rants, and writing tips. In a recent post, he gave great advice about what worked and what didn't work for his book promotions. "It's also very tempting to give things away to just anyone. Again, DON'T. Focus on reviewers and bloggers. Some of them won't review the book either, but they're better bets than random strangers."

Just Get it Written is a wonderful blog that features author interviews and posts about writing. It's a great place to get inspired by what other authors are doing and sharing.

Please take two minutes to stop by these two awesome blogs and thank them for all they contribute to the blogosphere!


  1. You are so generous in highlighting some talented authors.

  2. Thanks for the mention Margo! So honored to be a part of this! =D