Friday, May 13, 2016

UNLOCKED: It's Getting Real

I'm EXCITED to be reviewing the final page layout for my new novel, UNLOCKED! So far - it looks terrific, and I can hardly wait for everyone to read it! Yay for books. :)


  1. Yippee!!! How exciting. I can't wait.

  2. Hello Mrs.Margo I had just finished reading your well written book " Who are you really? " I realized once again how dangerous strangers can be although I had already be a very reserved person myself ^^.I really liked the ending. I was really looking forward to finishing this book but a huge issue had happened to one of family members I really felt like crying and I did but I didn't broke down. but anyhow your book was great,I will stay strong as how Thea did. '__'
    And I am looking forward to your new novel ☆