Thursday, June 2, 2016

Book Review: CATSKIN by Artemis Grey

CatskinCatskin by Artemis Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A terrific debut novel by Artemis Grey! This is not your typical story, and it's certainly not a typical YA read. The main character is eighteen and living on his own in the apartment above his parents' bookstore in Alaska. It's an interesting setting with diverse characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed this story of adventure, love, growth, and mystery.

There is a love story, but there are no sex scenes. There's no cussing (that I recall). There is a bit of violence, but it's not terribly gory.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Maybe people weren't much different from books after all. Maybe they could, with time and effort, be restored." (Kindle location 737)

"Somehow, I felt more like myself when I was around her. Or maybe I liked myself better when we were together." (Kindle location 2284)

"Every secret I kept felt like a little smudge of smut on my soul." (Kindle location 2389)

The story questions kept me turning the pages, and I couldn't wait to find out how the plot resolved in the end.

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