Saturday, June 23, 2018

Book Review: THIS HEART OF MINE by CC Hunter

This Heart of MineThis Heart of Mine by C.C. Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! This was the best contemporary YA I've read in ages. SO EXCELLENT from start to finish.

THIS HEART OF MINE by CC Hunter is a captivating page-turner, love story, mystery, and so much more.

The idea behind the story had caught my attention, before I ever read the book. Can a transplant recipient feel what the donor felt? Many recipients, including the author's own husband, have reported dreaming specific dreams related to the donor, with information the recipient could not have otherwise known.

Throughout this story, author CC Hunter made me feel ALL the feels: love, worry, anticipation, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, and hope. THIS HEART OF MINE was a non-stop roller coaster of emotions.

Some of my favorite lines from the book:

"Moving behind the mahogany desk, Eric drops into his dad's chair. It creaks as if complaining he isn't the man his dad was." (page 2)

"[Mom] squeezes me, then lets go. 'I love that scar. It saved your life. You are here because of that scar. Because of it, one day, I'm going [to] be in a dressing room watching you try on wedding dresses.' Tears slip down her face." (page 154)

"We changed the motto for graduation. It was Live for the Day. ... Our new motto is The Art of Making Tomorrows." (page 366)

Thank you, CC Hunter for such a fabulous story. I highly recommend THIS HEART OF MINE to everyone who loves to read.

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