Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FAFSA Stupidity

Oh. My. Gosh.

Am I the stupidest person on the face of the earth? I feel like it right now.

I have two boys that are high school seniors this year, and so I must figure out all the college stuff and FAFSA (federal financial aid). *sigh*

So, today I googled FAFSA and clicked on the link for fafsa.com.

Big mistake.

But I didn't figure it out until I'd entered ALL our personal information (son's, mine, and husband's) social security numbers, birthdates, bank account balances, and so much more. It wasn't until I got to the final screen, where it asked for a credit card number, when I sat back and thought, WHAT?? (They wanted $79.99 to process the application.)

I scrolled down and read the teeny-tiny print at the bottom of the website. It said they were not affliated with the Department of Education and linked to the correct FAFSA website.


I clicked over to the correct site: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ and started over. Interestingly enough, the application took a fraction of the time and asked for a fraction of the information the other site did. Oh. My. Gosh.

Did I mention how stupid I feel? Is that other site going to steal our identities? I did go back to the other site and alter our information (changing it all to john doe and generic numbers). It wouldn't let me delete the account I had created.


  1. Well, personally I think that was a really easy mistake to make - it's got the same name and everything. The .com part of it is a slight giveaway tough.

    I know people often worry about this identity theft stuff but usually I'd only be worried if you'd input the credit card info!

    I wonder how many people have been sucked in by that and actually paid?!

  2. Yikes! Especially online, we have to be so careful! Been through FAFSA with three different kids now. (You have to redo it every year.) Two more kids to go. The sooner you get the application in, the sooner the schools your kids are looking at can plug your kids into their financial aid equation. Schools will not award any financial aid until FAFSA is complete and if they award all their money to other students in the meantime, your kids will be out of luck. Good luck!

  3. I wish you great strength, and massive patience, as you start this journey into the world of financial aid.

    Having to deal with the financial aid department, and all the rules, regulations, and other silliness, was a major suck on my energy throughout my entire college career. I still to this day cringe thinking of all the forms, oh the forms, and deadlines, and have to do's right now.

    It's really good that you're on top of it right now, and starting early. You're getting a jump on things!

    Congrats to the kiddos!

    Christi Corbett

  4. Ooooo I'm feeling your pain. We have two that are college juniors and one that's a high school senior. My husbands started on the three FAFSAs Jan. 2. (He knows all about the fake site--he was taken in once too.) I resort to every underhanded trick ("I think I'm developing arthritis in my fingers. But it only flares up w/regards to govt. things, not writing.") to get my husband to fill out the FAFSAs.

    Good luck!!

  5. Oh, no. That's terrible! There are so many copycat sites out there, trying to get our personal info. It's horrible. Thanks for the warning...

  6. Not stupid. That site wouldn't still be there if they didn't lure in plenty of unsuspecting (but not stupid) people.

  7. Not stupid. The site looked real at first, the dollars made you realize what it was.
    Since you gave no credit card info I would think you are ok.

  8. Wow, that is crazy! I'm so glad you realized it before you spent the money. Yes, I'd go back and delete or change as much as you can. How scary! And don't feel stupid at all. They are obviously trying to deceive people with their website address. Ugh.