Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pineal Cyst

Well, I had REALLY hoped to have an informative post and update for you today on my very own pineal cyst, but alas ... we don't always get what we hope for! As many of my regular readers may remember, an MRI last September showed a 12mm pineal cyst, lesion, tumorous nodule, pineocytoma, THING in the middle of my brain.

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There is so much scary information on the internet about large pineal cysts ... I really was worried that I was simply going to drop dead. The good news is: I'm still alive! YAY me! The frustrating news is: the doctors keep telling me it is just a "coincindence" that I have this *thing* in my brain, and that it is not actually causing my symptoms. I find that REALLY hard to believe. Several doctors have suggested that I have multiple sclerosis instead, but there is no "for sure" test to prove that.

So it has been my goal for the last six months to get back on the Flat Belly Diet and just really work hard on eating right and exercising and stop worrying about my brain.

Epic Fail.

Therefore ... in honor of the letter R ... I will try out a new Flat Belly Diet Recipe and post my opinion about it with the R (for recipe) post.

Then, if and when, I have any pertinent news, regarding my brain, to update you with ... I will. *sigh*

Go eat some healthy brain food today!


  1. Well I for one am glad that you're around! Yay, you!!!

    Hang in there -- prayers and warm wishes!

  2. Yay, you're still around. It's hard not to get frustrated with doctors. My sister in law is going through that right now.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. I hope that you get more answers soon.

  4. I remember your previous post, and surely hope they figure out what's going on for you!

  5. Sometimes I wonder what they teach in medical school because it seems like doctors never seem to know what's going on! But I guess each patient is different and they can't give you any news unless they're pretty darn sure. But still...

    Wishing you a healthy week, Margo! Take care of yourself!!!

  6. Wow, that sounds sorta scary. Good luck with your eating plan. I'm interested in something called flat belly : ) I hope you find a satisfactory answer and treatment for your symptoms

  7. Uh, I'm sorry to hear that. At least the doctors' think the prognosis is good. I think that would bother me a lot too wondering about it.

    I have a 2 cm nodule in my thyroid gland (that sounds big, doesn't it?) surrounded by a cluster of 1 cm nodules. They did a biopsy and said they were benign. But I'm on cancer alert for that, and I had precancerous colon polyps at 37 (yikes!). God's trying to tell me to get busy and get things done, I think.

  8. I've Googled symptoms before and scared myself silly! Stopping by fro the A-Z challenge...

  9. I have a friend with a similar brain tumor. He's hanging in there too. Weirdly, his tumor doesn't seem to change--it just takes up space in his brain.

    Keep taking care of yourself! We want you here too.

  10. That sounds frightening, Margo. Hugs. A friend of mine was thought to have a tumor in her brain and it turned out to be scar tissue from a stroke. It's the only time I think I ever used the sentence, "It was only a stroke."

    I hope it has no further effect. Taking care of yourself can go a long way.

  11. Thanks for stopping by "begin...begin again". I hate it when an MRI shows a "coincidental" abnormality. Hopefully your cyst will remain small and asymptomatic forever! I'm enjoying your blog!

  12. I hope all goes well for you and it clears up. I do believe that a good diet is a good direction to go.

    I know that if I keep a check on my diet everything seems to appear normal. If I let my diet go, I notice all sorts of things changing.

    So good luck with your diet, I will keep my fingers crossed and send healing thoughts for you.


  13. The most annoying thing is waiting for results. I hope you get some soon!

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