Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Blog Posts

As promised, here are some great blog posts for you to read:

From The American Scholar
A wonderful (but long) post about writers and their lives. Here's a snippet:
"So my first answer to why do we want to hear about writers’ lives is that we want to understand the mystery of creation. We are not satisfied with the sacral view of the writer. We want to learn the secret of creativity, because it can be the secret to happiness. We turn to all kinds of literature, biography and fiction both, to learn how to live, and in a way, all books are self-help books."

From Press Democrat
An author settles her lawsuit against her publisher for massive amounts of typos.

From Terri Bruce
The author from the above link describes the situation in her own words. Here's a snippet:
"... I’m involved in a dispute with my publisher, Eternal Press (a division of Damnation Books) ... basically the gist is that the final version of Thereafter is riddled with errors that make it unreadable and the publisher, knowing this, published it anyway."

From Rachelle Gardner
Unrelated to the previous two links, here is an awesome post from literary agent, Rachelle Gardner about the publishing industry. Here's a snippet:
"It’s about great stories and important thoughts. It’s about legacy. It’s about a dream. People in publishing still see this dream as worth it. They’re willing to swim against the tide because publishing isn’t just a business, it’s a life, it’s a calling, it’s a passion. To all writers who believe in the dream, who have the passion, who feel called to the legacy — I’m right there with you, and so is everyone else who has staked their livelihood on this crazy, unpredictable, totally unrealistic business called publishing. Thanks for being here, and hanging on for the ride."

ENJOY! And let me know which link you liked the best!


  1. Interesting observation that all books are self-help books in a way because people, esp. other writers, are looking for clues to help them in their own writing journey. And it ties in to my post today about how social media fits into the mix.

    Rachel Gardner's thoughts on the publishing industry make me want to set sail on her ship. LOL

  2. I think that true writers have to write every day, like true artists. I like to write and paint. Do I have to write and paint every day? No, so I don't consider myself a true writer and artist, although I enjoy those pursuits. Focus and discipline.

  3. My favorite is from Rachel! Very motivating and reaffirming :)